Making Business in Africa Simple

Setting up and growing a business on the African continent is often seen as challenging. Our primary mission is to lower the barriers of entry in Africa through a range of business services to assist any organization looking to get a footprint on the continent.

Our flexible PEO Solutions have been carefully conceived and tested over the years to make simplify the way organizations do business in Africa. All our services have been designed for complete compliance and transparency to local laws and legislations. 


Years of Experience

Tested and proven business framework to successfully grow in Africa.



On ground partners across Africa to offer maximum coverage.


Projects Completed

We have successfully managed and completed over 100 projects.


Encourage Development in Africa

We believe that the African continent is yet to reach its full potential. Africa is full of resources and comes with the necessary manpower to push the economy to the next level.

Helping organizations expand and develop in Africa is the way forward to promote employment and enhance the standard of living of locals.

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